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Shaped iron can
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Galvanized iron bucket Stainless steel small iron bucket Ice bucket
product type:Shaped iron can
product code:TSM6046T
Product Size:Φ240 (upper opening) xΦ172 (lower opening) xh190mm
Metal Material:0.3mm镀锌铁
Product carving:The bottom is engraved, the barrel can be added with corresponding LOGO and concave and convex carvi
Product printing:Four-color printing outside the barrel, varnish inside the barrel; products can be printed according to your design requirements
Product Features:The galvanized small iron bucket is formed by stamping and combining 0.3 mm anti-rust high-quality iron material. It is suitable for cold drinks such as beverages/wine in homes/bars, etc. The iron wire is convenient and practical. The products can be stac
release time:2020-06-18 16:21:42
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