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The customer signed a contract with us soon after passing the field inspection of Tianshimei Can

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He also found the tin box and tin can manufacturer-Tianshimei Cans through the Internet. This customer is a customer who has strict requirements on the product. After learning about our products online, he quickly went to our factory in person and decided to conduct a field inspection of the production process. We have always been very welcome to the site visit, because we believe that as long as we come to our factory, most of them can be sold. This is our full confidence in ourselves!

At the factory, the customer focused on understanding our electronic tin box. From the production process to the raw materials of the product, after a careful understanding, the customer decided on the spot to buy from tin box and tin can manufacturer-Tianshimei Can Electronic tin box, a contract is signed so quickly!

Tianshimei Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a customized metal packaging enterprise integrating development, design, production, sales and service; it focuses on the customized production of various specifications of tinplate iron boxes, iron cans, iron plates, iron barrels, iron plates and other metals Products, such as: moon cake tins, wine tins, tea tins, candy tins, boutique tins, gift tins, stationery boxes, trays, listings, ice buckets, etc.