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How to prevent rusting cans of tea?

release time:2020-07-03 11:16:19  Views:539

Tea cans rusted how to do it? Many buyers believe have encountered such a problem, finally procuring tea cans, rusted actually in the warehouse, the boss complained ah, their pressure came, then how do we face this phenomenon it? Do not let procuring rusty tin can it?
1, the use of qualified iron materials. When buyers purchase tinplate must be very careful, not all low-priced tea cans is good, we need to identify the vast factory in Which tea cans of iron materials is standard, is the Iron or low-grade iron. Iron materials, the better, the less will be the chances of rust.
2, stored properly. After tea cans procuring Not all problems are solved, we will need to buy a piece of clothing back maintenance, let alone a group of tea cans. Particularly in the south, the weather is particularly serious resurgence of the air is humid, you should pay attention to this situation, procuring tea cans should be stored in a dry environment, preferably with air conditioner inside the warehouse dehumidifier, or lime desiccant or the like sucked moisture from the air. Tea cans general to prevent rust color, so are coated with a layer of tin, if the tin layer is damaged, it will contact with the air easily rust.