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Internet industry reform tin cans

release time:2020-07-03 11:14:10  Views:599

Traditional manufacturing industry today more internet today already face severe challenges. Tin industry, too!
Maintain the previous set of methods, regardless of mode of production or sales method is a little step. Tin industry in such a rapid development of today, our traditional industries have no reason not to come out again, understanding the whole world?
Now 90 and later bluster, their thinking, ideas are unique, the Internet has become everyone to communicate, entertainment venues, and whether it is in the subway, bus, road everyone holding a mobile phone kept in the brush microblogging, Brush space, watching videos. Historical development of smart phones to only a few short years, but it became a habit people, it is also a huge potential business opportunities. We want to be the tin industry, Nokia or Apple do? The key lies in the reform!
From the sales side, the tinplate can industry sales in the past are a family run, to find food manufacturers, rebuffed everywhere, before others channel sources is also relatively simple, mostly friends supplier or to sell to those who accept the But today in 2015, the number of Internet users in China has reached 648 million, the Internet economy than the United States, faced with this situation, we have no reason to maintain the previous way of selling it?
Now a search in Baidu, a lot of the information gathered in a small window inside, we can find all kinds of information they need inside, communication aspects, Tencent micro letter backing, easy, truly adequate out families understand the world go by.