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Food cans forward in continuous improvement

release time:2020-07-03 11:13:38  Views:607

Now, it is the pace of life continues to accelerate. Especially for lunch, more people will choose some other fast-food snack. In this context, food cans food also ushered in faster development. According to relevant statistics, China's food cans food market size has reached 500 billion in size. This huge market also spawned a bottle for food cans food great demand.
In the past, food cans food bottles mainly in glass jars plus tin lid This form of packaging based. Such a package on the market today is still more popular. Metal cans as food cans food packaging, has a unique advantage. But higher metal packaging overall costs, the growth rate of consumption of such foods quickly seek new packaging material is particularly important. Some new meat food packaging cans form emerged in recent years, such as soft food cans, so consumption process more convenient, more attractive to consumers, in a significant widening of the development of space food cans food for the meat processing industry in the development of new opportunities.
However, with the changing times. It requires that food cans for food bottles are constantly changing. This glass canned food cans food bottles on the one hand is very heavy, it is not convenient to carry on the go or field trip, and we all know that food cans Many times it is the people on the go use. The other is tinplate food cans bottles, although high tightness. However inconvenient to open, especially some small effort ladies open very strenuous. Now, the market emerging plastic jar food cans food bottles to PET as a material, very light. At the same time in the form of easy-open lid and an outer cover combinations, in the opening is also more convenient. It should be said in the future there will be more and more food cans food jar in the form of plastic containers.
Meat cans for food packaging materials and containers request
Its packaging materials and containers of choice must meet the general requirements of food packaging. At the same time, because of the particularity of food cans of food (ie a longer shelf life, keeping meat food original color, smell, taste and other characteristics, and to convenience food), packaging materials and containers have some special requirements .
1. The material and container itself is nontoxic, odorless, does not produce harmful substances into contact with the contents;
2. have good barrier properties, sealing performance, prevent infiltration of oxygen oxidation occurs, resulting in adverse effects on meat;
3. minimal moisture permeability material, avoiding meat moisture are exchanged with the external environment, impact on their quality;
4. Be able to cut off the transmission of light, dark attempt to keep the meat quality, flavor requirements;
5. good corrosion resistance, to ensure that food packaging meat flavored soup cans do not react to their metamorphism or harmful substances;
6. There is a certain degree of mechanical strength, good labor force opening the packaging operation process, printability and other characteristics to meet the needs of industrial production and packaging and decoration printing needs.