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How to store tea tea packaging should pay attention to what

release time:2020-07-03 11:13:26  Views:1201

Tea packaging refers to the tea packaged according to customer needs in order to promote tea merchandise sales. A good tea packaging can make tea worth increased several times, tea packaging tea industry in China has been an important product components.
However you want long-term preservation of tea, increased sales of tea, be sure to pay attention to the moisture content in tea, too dry easily affect the flavor, but if too wet, turn sour tea, tea ascorbic prime vulnerable surroundings influence, once decomposed, tea taste, color will change, so when making tea packaging must pay attention to the packaging material, the best selection of moisture and good material.
Tea is to be stored in a sealed environment, so be sure to control the oxygen content, in order to prevent deterioration of tea, during tea packaging, the use of vacuum packaging, reducing the air content in tea, can protect the tea color, smell, flavor. Tea scent easily lost, for tea lovers, the product is not only taste, as well as flavor, so a tea packaging when we must choose good sealing material for packaging, and the packaging materials do not have any odor.
No matter what kind of packaging materials, we need to ensure that the storage effect of tea. Tea packaging is an important step, its packaging quality and technology directly determines the effect of tea storage and sales, it must be taken seriously.
Because pure tin tea caddy tin production of raw materials, it is also a precious metal, as long as the design goes, the same can make pure tin canisters as gold and silver jewelry as eye-catching, the design process must have their own unique creativity. Tea packaging production production of pure tin canisters of manufacturers in order to increase sales of pure tin tea caddy, and will continue to carry out technological innovation, it is beyond doubt, but graphic design is also very important.