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How rust rusty tin tea?

release time:2020-07-03 11:05:56  Views:578

Cans in the packaging industry more and more, especially in food cans, people will look to their hard and often feel at a loss how to open the buckle cover tin tools generally do not open, only hand clasp that is may, if rusty tea cans open more demanding, can also use a variety of tools to pry open, but this method is not able to help tea cans rust, it means that the jar of life is reduced.
Therefore, the use of chemical descaling method is an ideal way:
1, with tea cans rusted parts soaked in tea can be solved. The reason is simple - the chemical composition of tea which contains theanine and the like organic acids and rust can react to achieve the purpose of rust.
2, with vinegar and soak for a while tea cans rusty position, edible vegetable oil smear on the day after will be better.
3, with rice water soak 50 minutes then wipe with a dry cloth can rust.