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Tea cans of tea Storage

release time:2020-07-03 11:05:41  Views:536

With the continuous development of society, people are increasingly concerned about their health, food is not to fill the stomach, people pay more attention to its health functions, from food to health - health - has become a necessity. As the forefront of health care tea, which is not a period of time to ensure that the quality or reducing the maximum impact, effectively extending the shelf life of tea, so that consumers can buy the color, smell, taste, shape are well preserved tea products. Tea in the tea store is based on the basic package, to ensure that the original quality tea to maintain a process carried out.
Four factors tea store are:
1. Direct sunlight will destroy the tea vitamin C, and the color of tea, taste changes, so the tea must be stored in opaque containers.
2, the presence of moisture, is a necessary condition for many organic decomposition reaction, but also a necessary condition for the bacterial activity, so if water is too large tea, tea not only easy to lose nutrients, and easy to moldy. Therefore, the tea must be stored dry.
3, tea and direct contact with air, easily oxidized by oxygen in the air; the loss of the original flavor, so tea containers should be sealed.
4, the temperature, the chemical reaction rate will accelerate, will promote the decomposition of the active ingredient in tea that reduces the nutritional value of tea. So, tea to cold storage.
Now save the tea method: cans Preservation Law, porcelain altar Preservation Act and the bag storage method. After long-term use of people and found that these three Holds utensils and ceramics save tea tin packaging are more appropriate, but considering the price and the production process and other factors, due to the fine print cans, portable, fashionable and more suitable as a gift to express the feelings between friends and family, favored by the market.
In short, only holding dried tea cans inside, maintaining tightness, opacity, but also a relatively low temperature, shaded environment in order to ensure long-term quality of tea, avoid tea and water, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen factors such as adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activity and deterioration. Tea cans manufacturers because the material is easy to recycle iron, easy packaging and transportation, and better quality of tea internal goods protected by the manufacturers of all ages, for tea packaging cans please contact Bo new metallwarenfabrik.