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Secure iron canned milk it?

release time:2020-07-03 11:03:33  Views:537

Because now diversified packaging industry, more and more materials can be used in packaging, which inevitably lead to consumer concerns, especially mothers who have begun to consider, buy milk when the face of so much of the packaging, in the end choose milk or iron milk cans paper packaged? Milk cans in the end which is more secure point?
Sign births, said: "In fact, all the same, the key is the quality of seasoning." Netizens sun god, said: "expensive packaging cans, plastic buy on the line, something like no need to waste money on the packaging . "Is this really so?
Tin cans can be longer shelf life
Cardboard box filled with milk after opening to grip the seal stored at room temperature, so also easy to damp, and her mother who liked to milk poured in a glass, transparent glass bottles of milk destroys the vitamin ingredients. Iron canned milk runs out and then sealed, very convenient store, put up a few more sugar into the tank to absorb moisture, it is very conducive to storage.
Convenient carry tinplate canned milk.
I believe that many mothers like to take the kids shopping, but this little packages of trouble, especially bought a carton of milk, I do not know how to carry, it is easy to fall out, but not iron canned milk the same. Just on the corner of the bag which is very convenient.
Tin cans more environmentally friendly.
Tin packaging is now more in line with conservation, sustainable development criteria. A carton packaging to consume much trees, although you can recover, but continue to decrease green. Bahrain milk cans can be secondary use, it can be installed at home or head of all kinds of debris biscuits, beans and the like, also can own a variety of small DIY creative, very practical.
In fact, if food safety knowledge abroad, we would know little about international standards of quality not only for the food itself is required, and all come into contact with food, whether it is transportation, packaging, etc. have detected the condition in the United States, basically should have FDA certificate, otherwise you will be punished.
So Baoma also should change their ideas, and not to say that milk Haojiu Hang, packaging is also equally important.