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2020-07 03
Both molding method for manufacturing a two-piece tinplate cans are made of metal plate molding. This method is based in......
How tinplate two cans made
2020-07 03
Cans in the packaging industry more and more, especially in food cans, people will look to their hard and often feel at ......
How rust rusty tin tea?
2020-07 03
With the continuous development of society, people are increasingly concerned about their health, food is not to fill th......
Tea cans of tea Storage
2020-07 03
Tea tin cans are generally divided into two, three cans, two cans and three cans are the most common, because they can f......
World's beloved tea - tea cans
2020-07 03
Because now diversified packaging industry, more and more materials can be used in packaging, which inevitably lead to c......
Secure iron canned milk it?
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